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• Convenient• Hygienic• Discrete• Comfortable• Holds 12 Catheters• Pouch for Lubricant• Sport Compatible• Unisex Adult and Children

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A life changing innovation from Australia

Freedom Trunks are worn as unisex underwear for adults and children, designed with a double layer of 100% cotton fabric with 3 strategically placed gussets and 6 uniquely designed openings to hold up to 12 catheters and a pouch for lubricant. The underwear is discrete and once on is very difficult to notice that they are concealing up to 12 catheters.

Freedom Trunks can be worn to provide discretion and convenience on almost any occasion such as when working out, hiking, boating, swimming, surfing, travelling and in the workplace.

USER INSTRUCTIONS: Firstly you must put on the trunks. Catheters are inserted into the openings one end at a time. Slide the first end at least half way around your body then place the second end into the same opening sliding the other half in the opposite direction. Centre the catheter length with the opening. Repeat this process on the opposite side. When requiring two catheters per gusset per side. Lay catheters on top of each other with nozzles at opposite ends so as to keep the width to a minimum. Place both catheters in the opening at the same time and repeat as per single catheter insertion. Place lubricant sachets in the pouch provided. Please see instruction videos.

Continence Concepts

Inventor's Story

Paul Fitzpatrick

Paul Fitzpatrick, the inventor was born incontinent. He led a somewhat otherwise regular life going to regular schools, employment etc. At the age of approx 25 he had ground breaking bladder surgery in which allowed him to stay continent. As a trade-off Paul had to start using intermittent catheters every time he was to empty his bladder. After several years of reusing intermittent catheters he was contracting urinary tract infections more frequently.

The infections were becoming extremely difficult to get rid of. Frequent hospitalisation and a regular course of antibiotics was becoming a way of life. After many visits to doctors and specialists there was still no answers why after so many years of using intermittent catheters he had become so vulnerable to recurring infection and why the medication was no longer effective. Life was spiralling out of control and it was apparent that medically the answer wasn't going to be found in the short term.

Over a period of time Paul made some radical life style changes and this predominantly at long last was solving the problem. The main cause of the infection he found was not using sterile single use catheter every time. Once Paul changed to sterile single use catheters and used those more frequently most of his issues went away.

Now he had another problem... How to carry a daily supply of sterile catheters and lubricant that would be practical, convenient, discreet and not noticeable by others while going about daily life? Paul searched the world for an answer but unfortunately there was nothing suitable so he decided to try to develop his own ideas. After many years of failed ideas and prototypes he finally devolved something that really did work for him. After three years of testing and refining Freedom Trunks was born. Paul personally uses Freedom Trunks every day and remains mostly infection free without any extra inconvenience.

In summary I believe that in the interest of long term health and the prevention of infection using sterile catheters at all times should be seriously considered.

Continence ConceptsContinence ConceptsContinence Concepts

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